About Agriinvest Publications

What is The Feed Review?

The Feed Review is designed to provide industry investors and key decision makers with a monthly ‘cheat sheet’ of what is really going on in the world of feed and its periphery markets.  The Feed Review is a key management tool to any savvy business line head or investor in the line crop, feed and meat industry. Compiling news and mixing in market knowledge, it provides the reader a condensed and compact view of the commercial feed world as it rolls.

Who Wrote it?

Emma Cowan has a BSc Honours degree in Animal physiology and Nutrition topped with an MBA in international agribusiness. Emma spent 15 years in management positions between Monsanto, Syngenta and Rabobank providing the worlds industry leaders with not only what they wanted to know but also what they “ought” to know. For the last 12 years Emma ran her own successful consultancy company; Cardy-Brown&Co Ltd facilitating investment into agribusiness with a key specialisation in  the Feed and Seed Industries in both mature and emerging markets.  If you would like to communicate with the author- please write to her using the contact form.

Why the feed industry?

The feed industry is a pivotal point in agriculture; it is their destiny for most of the soybeans and maize grown in the world and represents up to 80% of the cost producing a kilo of chicken and 60% of the cost of producing a kilo of pork.